Benjamin Underwood for ANC 4C05

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Why Ben?

A long time DC resident who promotes community engagement


I have been a DC resident for 16 years and a part of the Petworth community since 2016. I am invested in the community and look forward to the opportunity to serve my neighbors as representative for our single member district 4C05. The district is a community of neighborhoods and I want to bring together our neighborhood to celebrate all of the great things that make Petworth our home – and to support our community in improving and preserving  it for the future generations. 

As someone that wants to represent my community, I am committed and I hope to bring the idea that all of us have a shared responsibility for protecting where we live. Facilitating opportunities for all members of the community to connect and dialogue is incredibly important. Everyone’s voice matters. I will work to increase communication throughout the neighborhood by promoting the neighborhood listservs as well as being available to hear everyone’s ideas and concerns regarding the neighborhood. I will work to build consensus between all residents through these conversations and increased connectivity. I hope you will send me an email to share your thoughts! 

A Cleaner Safer Petworth

 The neighborhood experience is important for everyone. I will work with all stakeholders, residents, businesses, MPD and all other appropriate agencies to make sure our neighborhood has the resources it needs to thrive. I believe it is important for people to be involved in the community in which they live, work and play. Whether it be through community meetings, community policing or just by helping to pick up trash on the sidewalk, we all have a part to play. 

Cars, Bikes, Feet & More

I think many of us choose to live in our neighborhood because of the abundant means of transit that are available. Whether you ride the bus, the metro, a bike, scooter, car or take your own two feet, our neighborhood is an incredibly accessible place. I will work with neighbors and the DC Department of Transportation to fully understand the safety concerns that surround our modes of transportation to be sure we strike the best balance between all modes of transit and parking.  

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